A hairstyle perfect for you. Skilled individual design is Satoshi Tsukasa's trandemark. Our years of experience in hair and make-up design for the internatinal fashion,commercial and television community helps us handle the needs of both Japanese and international models of all ages with confidence, and takes the quality of our salon work a step beyond the ordinary. Our new location is close to roppongi but safe from its bustle. The salon's warm and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel at home from the start. We look forward to your visit. As salon capable of studio work ,the concept of our interior design is space and leisure. This sence of reraxtion is essential for creation of hair and make-up designs both natural and tasteful.

I think that it is a mistake that mind only a hairstyle only for an appearance. I cannot set it, and a meaning is not delicious by oneself from the next day When do you shampoo whether you wind up a hot curler whether we do a blow whether why there is everyday care of a visitor? Have a talk to a small place and I advise it how I am good for a hairstyle desired. As well as a cut, I do make and a nail, a massage. While I wait by a cut and a color, I clean a nail and can do a foot massage and hand massage.